6 Ways Of Expressing Love To You From Your Little Kitty


You may feel that your cat is far and doesn’t seem to be close to you. You are totally wrong as cats really do care but they are not good at expressing it. Maybe you feel that your cat doesn’t have any feelings of love for you, but their method of expressing love is really unique.

Love biting

While you’re sitting, your cat may come close to you and if you start petting her, she will bite your hand. You may think that’s strange but it’s actually her way of showing that she loves you. By biting you, cats display affection for their humans.


Licks are another way of expressing love. Whenever your cat starts licking your hand or finger, it means that she adores you. Cats invariably lick their fellow kitties as a mark of love.


Meowing is a way of speaking. Cats don’t talk like humans but they meow. Meowing is their way of communicating with humans. It can be nice to hear or annoying, it depends on the situation. Bear in mind that meowing means “I’m trying to talk to you.”

Giving the paw massages to you.

Cats do this to show their affection and faith for you. If you got stomped by your cat, know for sure that she does love you. They do the stomping on their mum-cat’s belly especially the little kitties.


Cats have a weird way of staring. Humans might get scared when their cats start sending stares to them. But don’t get that gross out as they only show love for you. To cats eye contact means trust and blinking while staring at you means that she’s giving you a kiss.

No construct of a private place.

Cats like to keep moving around us repeatedly. They sometimes follow us wherever we go even to private places . For that you can be certain that cats have no personal place and by doing so, she expresses love to you.

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