A Doctor Starts Singing To A Cat While Noticing He’s In Pain After Surgery!


Doctor Ross Henderson was taking care of a little kitty after going through the knife. While he was doing so, he sensed that the poor kitty was suffering then he right away came up with a plan so as to ease her pain. He began to play a sweet song using his guitar, he was definitely sure that music will drive the pain away.

The kitty lived in a bad situation. He used to eat from garbage bins. Fortunately, someone found him and helped him. The kitty knew that life would never stay the same. He was lucky because they rescued him even though he was in pain after the surgery.

The vet brilliant idea of vanishing the pain was really amazing because it worked its magic on the poor cat. The kitty never doubted or feared the vet as he knew he’s in the right hands.

Take a look at video and see the great work of the vet towards this adorable kitty. Watch the video!

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