Adopted Cat Has An Important Job In A Hair Salon In Australia!


People love her and her name is Betty Boo. She runs her own hair salon and she is proud of it. This cat couldn’t be more happy to have a lot of customers.

She was abandoned as a kitten, this tabby was found by Chris Guglielmi, a hairstylist from Melbourne, Australia, who took her to her home and to her salon too.

Now she is with her owner all time working together.

She makes sure that customers feel safe and comfortable.

She loves to cuddle them and she wants to make them know that they are loved by her.

Customer don’t have to worry if they come early to their appointments, they receive special company from this beautiful cat while they are waiting.

Betty Boo just wants them to feel happy and not stressed.

She wants to make them feel that they are in a appraise hair salon ever.

Source: bettyboo_thesaloncat/Instagram   Via Animalchannel

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