Can You Believe This Kind Of Poster Towards The Most Adorable Creatures In The World?


The southeast Calgary pet owner was furious when he saw a poster threatening his cats made by the deer run estates.

These latters prevented his kitties from entering his property, it was hard on the kitties as well as the owner took umbrage at the warning.

The authorities admonished the owner of the kitties if he did not control their naughty behavior, they would be compelled to take possession of them.

They even put on a sign warning with the two cats pictures and the horrific punishment of trespassing.

The written words were stated as, ” if these cats are yours, keep them on your place else these bird killers not be seeing another day.” Apparently, the kitties were causing too much trouble as the seriousness of the sign shows.

The Calgary community was dysphoric with the reaction of the run estates. They considered that this action is harsh and inappropriate. Cats are truly lovable creatures and they never cause any trouble according to the owner.

Trouble can not follow their way as they invariably look for calmness and tranquility. Check the video! It’s awesome!

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