This “Cat Cop” Fosters Cute Kittens That She Found While Doing Her Job!


Gretchen Byrne is a patrol cop for the Coral Springs Police Department in Florida. Byrne explains that she found a stray cat that was pregnant and decided to take her to the police station until she finished her shift, and then home.

From that moment Byrne has already fosters more than 65 cats and kittens that she has found in her patrol route.

Source: The Dodo

She even has her own Instagram account sharing beautiful stories of her rescued cats.

Our last shift of the week

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She has already 23,000 followers on her Instagram and still counting.

They love all the pictures that she posts every time she can.

Well we’ve lost both umbilical cords. They are active and eating like champs !

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For now she has 5 permanent cats and a 4-month old foster who may be a foster fail.

Definitely, this woman is a hero and she saved many cat’s lives too. Sure any cat would feel lucky to be with Byrne. !!

Trick or treat 🎃 #sothishappenedtoday

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