Cat Give Birth To Kittens And Dog Wanted To Be Part Of Her Family!


Imgur user Gina shares the story of their friend’s cat in the social media which brought the attention of many people already.

Gina explained that her roommate texted her concerning about the health of Terra, they thought that Terra was just a fat cat and they took her to the vet.

After one week they heard some noises coming from the room and discovered that Terra gave birth to 7 kittens.

Terra showed that she is a great mother, she nursed all of them and loved them until one of the house dogs named Archer came to visit them.

He was just interested to take a look on them for a little moment, but he didn’t think that after looking at them, he wanted to be part of this cute family.

Terra welcomed him to her family and Archer became the father of these cute kittens.

They have a beautiful friendship and of course he is very protective too with his kittens.

While Terra takes some time off for her, Archer helps her taking care of all these adorable kittens.

They love him as he loves them too, Terra couldn’t be more happy to have Archer by her side.

This is a special family and yes they are the best family ever. !!

Source: Imgur

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