Cat Helps New Parents How To Be A Good Parent To Her New Human Sister!


Here let’s welcome to the new parents Jordan and Chenoa Gale. This couple live in the Salt Lake City, and they have two cats, Sophie and Eevee.

They will welcome soon their first baby, which it makes the cats to be very happy about it. They are rescued from Salt Lake County Animal Shelter in 2015, sophie and Eevee have always had a special friendship between them.

Sophie is very dependent of her mother while Eevee is little more independent. They offered themselves to their human parents to practice in how to be parents of their human sister. They are just very anxious and happy to receive the little baby.

Now like this, their newborn baby will be easy when it comes to getting wrapped up snugly in a blanket.

Their parents are very proud how their cats help them in this beautiful situation.

Now this family is getting bigger and bigger. !!

Source: The Dodo 

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