This Cat Was Imprisoned In The Basement For 20 Years!


Since 1997 this kitty has been living alone for 20 years after the family left her in their apartment building in New York City.

The building’s superintendent explained that the kitty has been surviving all alone in her way.

Anita Diamontopoulou came to rescue the kitten and couldn’t believe the condition where this kitten was living for all this years.

She rescued her and now the kitty is super friendly and she loves head rubs. The kitty was named ‘Granny’ by Anita.

This kitten finally was free, but Anita couldn’t adopt her which she convinced a friend to take her.

Finally after many years Granny found a safe and lovely place. She is now protected and loved but her human forever.

It is difficult for her in some things like she loves to be in dark places and the sun bothers her, since she was trapped in the basement for many years.

Now she is living a happy life with her family. !!

Source: SlideShow ForFun

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