This Cat Missed His Beloved Owner And Couldn’t Hide His Priceless Reaction!


Finn is a cute cat that will make your heart to be melted right away. His owner has been away in the military, the kitty was counting the days to see him again.

The woman asked him if he can hear somebody coming, the cat knew that it was his owner who is coming.

He was just more than happy and anxious in the same time to see him, kiss him, hold him and more.

Finally, when the soldier came in, Finn couldn’t ask for more than just to hold him, he wanted to make sure that his owner knows how much he missed him in all this time.


This just shows again that not matter for how long humans are gone, cats always will keep them in their hearts and memories too.

Source: wildlimeyogi

Sure this was the puurrrfect reaction from this cute cat. !!

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