These Cats Don’t Care How You Are When You Are Hangover!


Cats continue living their normal lives even when their owners come home hangover.

They don’t care about how they are or how they act in the same time, for some cases. They don’t have compassion for you, they are not worried if you are ok or not.

They are just living their incredible lives as they want. !!

My mate was a little hungover. Cat gives 0 fucks.

I woke up, looked to find my water… and my cat is a dick.

Judge fudge likes to judge our passed out drunk friends

We had to lift the top with her on it to get a slice out. She refused to move.

Starting the year off right

My girlfriend yells at me because I spend too much time in the bathroom. It isn’t by choice, I’m forced!

I visited my boyfriend and stole the pillow his cat sleeps on. So the cat slept on my head.

The cat owner movie experience. POV

I should have bought curtains.

Jerk cat likes to shit in the kitchen sink

Via Buzzfeed

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