Cat’s Loyalty Followed Elderly Owner Until The End!


Nancy Cowen shares her incredible story of love and loyalty too. She was placed under the care of staff at the Bramley House nursing facility in Westcott., England. She was forced to leave her cat named Cleo to one of her neighbours to take care of.

It seems that Cleo didn’t like much the idea to let go easily her owner. After two weeks that Cowen moved in, the staff started receiving visits from a cute cat, they didn’t imagine that it was Cowen’s cat. She would sleep out front, spending her days wandering the grounds peering through windows of the home.

A few weeks later, Nancy met the cat, Cleo had lost of her tail so when she checked on her then she knew, it was Cleo. The staff couldn’t believe it, they don’t know how this cat tracked her owner and it is quite a ways from where Nancy used to live before she came to the place.

All of them were just impressed by this cat’s loyalty and love to her owner. Now Cloe is living with her owner in the facility. Nancy couldn’t be more happy to have Cloe and the same for Cloe.

Grant Melton/Dorking Advertiser   Via The Dodo

She just couldn’t give up on Nancy, her love for her was her reason to find her. !!

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