Chihuahua Makes Sure That This Huge Dog Knows That She Is Stronger Too!


This chihuahua Lilly is a 2 weeks old and she ignores differences. “Small dog syndrome” is a usual phenomenon amongst little canines, it means that tiny dogs believe that they are the most powerful than the huge dogs. She met her new friend a Great Dane named Vago, and she wants to show that she is just extraordinary and cute in the same time.

They met at tThe Forks Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She shows that she is a fearless chihuahua and even if an elephant is in from of her, she would just show that she is confident and powerful too. You will love this video and wont stop laughing because of it.

I have to say Im impressed for the braveness of this Lilly, sure she knows how to handle these kind of situation better than humans.

In this video, Lilly is sure the winner. !!

Source: ebooAngel72

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