Child’s “Toy” Was Alive After Being Missing For Long Time!


A family in Thailand discovered a small baby monkey on a rubber plantation near their house and they knew that they were doing the right thing in taking this cute monkey to home.

Sadly, this dusky langur monkey is a detriment to his will-being and is a target for hunting. The child treated the animal like a living toy and the family didnt know how to take care of a wild animal .

One day Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand received a call about a baby dusky langur that had been found on a rubber plantation in the south of Thailand.

They found him and took him to the rehabilitation center, They even named him Vincent.

Rescuers were concerned how the child called this monkey as his toy which let them thinking that this tiny money was treated as a toy only.

Fortunately, this little baby langur is saved and is placed at the wildlife rescue center.

Via The Dodo

If you want to help Vincent and other animals in the center, then you can make a donation. Thanks for your help. !!

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