They Couldn’t Give Up On Dog That Was Covered In Tar!


This is very sad to observe these images that this dog suffered a tragic accident, or an act of cruelty.

Two kind men found him covered in art in Lanus, Argentina.

They asked for an officer police to help them by transporting them to a veterinary clinic. There the animal rescue group Zoonosis Lanus were called to assist.

At first sight, it seemed that it wouldn’t be easy for them to remove all of that tar, but they didn’t want give up.

After 5 hours of cleaning, the volunteers very tired finally removed all that tar that was covered this poor body’s dog.

They were very happy to see the real beauty of this dog and they named him Petro.

Each day he is better and more happy thought he will need more time to recover completely, this post became viral thanking to these rescuers that saved his life. !!

Via Myriam Ortellado

Let’s hope for Petro to find a forever home !!

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