Couple Adopt Shelter Cat, But She Refuses To Go With Them Without Her Best Friend!


Luna and Louie are the protagonists of this beautiful story. They were found at STAR Rescue located in Gainesville, GL. From that moment they are inseparable and can’t be apart no time. It seems that they promised to stay together to each other.

One day, James and his girl went to STAR Rescue to adopt a little pop but then they saw two kitties, they decided to adopt a kitty instead of a puppy.

They came back to the place with the idea of adopting one kitty but they took them both.

They knew that they were together all time and it would be hard for them to not see each other again.

They adopted them and now they together, thanks to their human parents.

They love to cuddle each other and can’t stop loving their new family.

It looks that these cats planned to be adopted both and not only one of them. Well, it worked. !!

Via Animalchannel

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