This Couple Couldn’t Believe What They Saw On Highway!


Lacey and Audra Wheeler were driving home after visiting family, then they saw a dog getting closer to them. This dog was hungry and asking for food, as they passed, they could see that she wasn’t alone but with her puppies too.

They don’t know if she was either pregnant or had just given birth, but they knew that they had to help her. They took her and her three cute puppies to get warm a little and drove them all home.

They decided to care for them. They are doing fine now and the couple named them, Louie, Cinci and Indy.

The couple worked with Columbus Dog Connection to find a foster family for them.

They would like to have them in their home, but their own dog doesn’t do well with other dogs.

The mother and her puppies are very friendly and lovely and if you are interested in adopting one of them, then please contact Columbus Dog Connection.

Source: The Dodo

Let’s help them to find a forever and happy home for all of them . !!

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