Couple Received An Unexpected Guest In Their Wedding !!


Matheus and Marilia couldn’t be more happier to celebrate their wedding moment, of course a dog was there too to surprise them.

They live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they organized their ceremony as they planned, but the weather of that time just changed.

The coupe decided to move the ceremony under a tent including the guests were just happy to see them.

Suddenly, a stray dog came also uninvited to the ceremony and just laid down to sleep on her veil.

The couple couldn’t be more surprised and guests couldn’t avoid capturing a lot of pictures of that moment.

The great part of this story is that they even adopted the dog making their pet, all of them are happy together.

Via The Dodo

Sure this couple started to make the family bigger now. They are just waiting to welcome their baby someday. !!

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