Couple Went To See Cats But One Of Them Saw Them First And This Happened!


Andy Brumagen and his wife Jessica Parken went to vista at a local “mom and pop” store where a tabby cat suddenly appeared to them.

This big cat just wanted to get their attention for one good reason, to be part of the family.

As soon as Jessica took the kitty out of his condo, he would wrap his arms around her letting her know that he won’t leave her alone and will always be with her forever.

Jessica wrote on Facebook her incredible story about how this tabby kitty chose her to be her family.

The couple had already a senior cat, they adopted the kitty and took him to their home.

Sadly, the senior cat didn’t want to have a friendship with the new cat which Jessica decided to get him back to the place where he was adopted.

She came back again to see him and got news that a lot of applications were coming to the place to adopt the kitty.

Source: Facebook   Via LoveMeow

Actually now the cat was adopted and found his forever home and sure he won’t let this family alone. He just wants to love and to be loved too.

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