This is the 1-year-old dog named Collie. His life was not easy one, then know as Kong, was suffering from a painful skin disease and a sunburn so bad that he couldn’t even be touched.

His white fur was patchy in may places with bright pink skin showing through.

He was taken in by Border Collie Rescue & Rehab in Prosper, Texas and got back to health.

Curtis Hartsell found him in the website for adoption and he knew that he wanted to be with him.

He adopted him and he decided to change the dog’s name from Kong to ZIB, in a honor of a famous Soviet space .

Now ZIB is living a happy life with his owner and is very grateful that he has the best family ever.

Via The Dodo 

ZIB improved a lot and Hartsell also is very proud to have a special dog like ZIB in his life.

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