This Dog Couldn’t Stop Howling Until Her Owner Come Back, But Her Human Didn’t Come Back Anymore!


This dog was crying in the parking lot of Sam’s Club Tennessee, her owner dumped her in that place. The poor dog would be howling for days until it got the attention of the store staff.

A volunteer named Mary from Arrow Dog Rescue saw the dog, but couldn’t get closer to put a leash on her. She decided to do something, she would bring a chair and sit in the parking lot to read some books, and sometimes she would come with her dog to play with her.

After 9 days, Mary could slip a collar on the dog. They named her Samantha, now she is living healthy and happy waiting to be adopted in a forever home.

Actually she is in her foster home in Illinois and she is very happy to know that in this world still exist people that love her much.!

Source: World Animal Impact

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