This Dog Hated To Be Alone Until She Met This Adorable Kitten !!


I introduce you this beautiful dog named Lady. Kreisler adopted her and she was happy to have a cute puppy like her.

She took her to the vet and they did some test and found that she had ringworm that was causing her loss of hair and oozing skin, but her big issue was anxiety.

She would feel bad when she was left alone in home, which her family looked for a solution.

They adopted a kitten for Lady, when they met each other they just fell in love right away.

They like to play together and sure Lady makes sure that this kitty be happy and safe too.

Every morning they wake up together and eat together.

They just demonstrate to each other love, love, and more love.

If you want to follow their adventures, then go here on their own Instagram page.

Via The Dodo

Im sure you will love them as much as I do already. !!

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