Dog Visits His Best Friend’s Grave Every Single Day!


Lets meet Cesur, this dog is the most loyal dog that you will ever meet.

Last weeks, after years of illness which had left him paralyzed, the 79-year-old Mehmet IIhan died in Bursa, Turkey.

The last two years Cesur became the only companion that Mehmet had. When he died, Cesur felt emptiness and sadness that he won’t see his owner again.

During the ceremony, Cesur sat by the coffin and placed his head by the coffin.

Now everyday the little dog visits his owner’s grave.

He lives with his owner’s son named Ali, and he is very grateful that Cesur loved his father a lot, in the same time he feels sadness for Cesur that lost his owner and won’t see him again.

Now Ali and Cesur are together all time, but Cesur will keep visiting his owner’s grave everyday.

Via The Dodo

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