Drug Dogs Is So Good At His Job That He Got A Great Reward!


Lets meet Tulo, he is a dog that worked for 7 years with the Rifle Police Department in Colorado.

He saved many lives as he also helped to solve many drug cases.

Tull joined the force, marihuana wasn’t legal in Colorado like it is today, but he was very good trained that detected it immediately.

Tull even detected the presence of narcotics during traffic stop. Generally, Tulo’s nose is as keen as it’s ever seen.

Now Tulo gets retirement at very early time.

Puppies follow his ways, they are exposed to is Tulo’s guiding presence as a veteran.

He will be around to still hanging around with people.

Source: The Dodo

Definitely, this dog deserves more good things and I believe he will get a lot of more of great surprises. !!

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