This Feral Kitten Will Make You Took Her To Your heart Right Now!


Something it is true about pets choosing us to be their families forever and this is the case of this cute feral cat.

This kitty is named Mami and she has the saddest cute eyes ever. She was found next to her mom and two brother, in the dumpster of a high school in the middle of winter.

Rescuers came on time to save them, but they noticed that Mami was very anxious and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

She was placed for adoption and it didn’t take long for Sinead and her husband to adopt her.

After they brought her home, they realised that Mami’s sad facial expression matched her personality.

She was shy and didnt want to be friendly until with time she got closer to her owners.

Now she is a big cat and loves her family more than ever.

Mami is still beautiful and she even became more social with people.

They adopted another cat named Morty and now Mami is next to him all time.

They love each other and they are inseparables, Morty is also in love with cute sad facial expression of Mami and together they make the cutest cat couple ever. !!

Source: Mami and Morty via Instagram

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