Meloney Blazye shares her story in social media about this fox being in her home and in her cat’s bed too.

One day she woke up and brushed her teeth, then she noticed something different in her cat’s bed. Her cat wasn’t in the bed but a fox, Blazye turned on the lights and instead of darting away through the window from which he came, the fox was staring back at her.

Her cat, George came to the room and started hissing at the fox because it was clear that this cat wouldn’t share his bed with anyone else.

The fox didn’t care about it, it seems like he was believing that he was like another member of the family.

The fox was calm and then he left by jumping back out through the window.

He didnt come back after that morning, but it is very funny to see the interaction of this cat with this fox. Very hilarious for sure. !!

Via The Dodo

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