These Giant Cats Took Over A Woman’s Farm And They Look More Than Happy!


Russian former Alla Lebedev and her husband Sergey have already turned their property into a cat land.

From long time many Siberian cats started to make their farm their home, and of course their humans are more than happy to have them.

Alla has also a YouTube channel dedicated to them, all of them captured already the hearts of many people around the world.

These cats protect the chicken and rabbits from rats and mice which is something good too.

They love to spend time outside and don’t seem to mind being dusted with snow.

The looks in their eyes sure are the stronger ones that I ever seen in my life, and when they are together sure they make the best cat team ever.

They even are friends with other animals on the farm too, the Siberian cats couldn’t ask for more, they have everything, family, home, food and also love.

These cats sure got my attention and my heart too.

Source: Alla Lebedeva Via Bored Panda

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