Grandmother Couldn’t Believe When She Knew That She Didn’t Have A Cat As A Pet But An Opossum!


Certainly, this is very funny to read. Eric Hertlein is used to his grandmother taking a lot of stray cats. During one of his visits, he saw something unexpected in his grandma’s house.

He saw in the corner of the room a “cat” that was something odd, which he got closer and noticed that it was an opossum.

Eric couldn’t hold his laughing and even posted a picture of this animal on Twitter.

My cat turns into a opossum after a bath from cats

Eric’s grandma even named this “cat” Tete. She couldn’t believe that was raising an opossum for months. In the end she decided to keep the animal, and this didn’t even bother the cats that are living in there too.

His grandmother loves animals a lot that she even doesn’t care what animal is. They together make a beautiful family for sure. !!

Eric Hertlein   Via The Dodo

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