Hairless Cat Was Born Sick But Now She Works At A Vet Clinic!


Raisin is a beautiful one-and-half-year-old Sphinx cat. She was born in Florida with congenital eyes issues which was given to Helping Hands Pet Rescue when she was just a little kitty.

She had a lot of health issues, a local vet student volunteered to be her foster mom and she made sure that this kitty receives the right treatment for her eye. Sadly, she faced ulcers and more which she had to stay in the clinic full time.

This kitty decided to no be a sick animal but a helper. She is living with her new mom, Ruth Heffernan, who is a vet tech at the Animal Medical Clinic of Gulf Gate in Florida.

She decided to work with her mother everyday at the clinic.

Now she became a clinic mascot and people love her.

Raisin helps comforting dogs and even rats, for her everybody is her friend.

She has a lot of friends and they are glad to be part of her life.

Via The Dodo

Sure Raisin has the best job ever and of course she has the best mom too. !!

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