Handicapped Kitten Was Living With A Lot Of Struggles, But Its Owner Did Something Else!


The little kitten is named Brownie, his owner Justina Strumilaite adopted him from a local rescue. He was in a bad shape, he was born with only two toes on his right paw and he was the smallest out of the litter.

Many believe that Brownie already was a lost cause, he wouldn’t even survive.

Its owner believed the contrary and didn’t give up in saving him.

Justin just knew what to do next, she nourished him with good quality food and gave him all the love the he needed.

He even gained a lot of weight and begun to get more beautiful and big too.

He is a loving cat and loves to cuddle with Justina, he is just happy to know that he is living with his hero forever.

Via Weloveanimals

Thanks to Justina, he proved that he wasn’t a lost cause but a blessed cause.

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