This Hero Woman Escaped From Horrible Wildfire On Bike With Her Dog !!


Generally, we know that California is a state that every year is in risk due to wildfires. Natasha Wallace survived next to her 70 pounds dog, Bentley.

Wallace a college student was driving home after 1 a.m., and she could see a extreme wall of flames coming across the freeway.

She knew that she didn’t have a lot of time which she had to do something to save herself and her dog.

She continued back to her house and packed a few bags, she put her dog in a duffel bag .

She took her bicycle and her dog and began pedaling.

Her car was already in fire and her place also destroyed, she just cared for her life and for her life’s dog.

Now they are saved and staying with relatives as she is trying to move forward.

Source: The Dodo

She is very glad to have her dog next to her, and of course they are together again. !!

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