This Hiker Finds Lost Rooster And Took Him With Her!


Heather Bolint wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail, something that she was dreaming from long time ago.

She reached Pennsylvania and started the trail, there she would meet a very special and unexpected friend. Bolt found a Polish crested rooster in the middle of the trail.

Bolt is also an animal lover and she knew that the domesticated farm animal wouldn’t survive in the wilderness.

They together hiked all the road and reached the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

When their adventure finished, she knew that she had to see for the future of this animal.

She named him Eddie and found a forever home in Poolesville, she took Eddie to the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.

People over there take care of him and he likes to take selfies.

He already made some new friends over there and also he remembers the incredible journey that he had with Bolint.

Thanks to her he has a good place to make more new adventures. !!

Via The Dodo

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