Hikers Rescue Starving Dog That Was Lost On A Mountain For Several Weeks!


I couldn’t believe when I knew this, sadly, this is the tragic truth of this dog who was trapped 6 weeks in a mountain.

Trinity Smith drive and hiked up alone and heard the distinct sounds of a dog barking, as the night began to fall, the darkness forced her to put on hold the search for the dog.

The next day she went with her friend Nichols to look for it again and found her on top of a cragged rock.

It seemed that the dog was starving and Nichols managed to scoop the dog into his arms. They took the dog to home, they even named her Chloe.

They got impressed that she survived 6 weeks without food but she didn’t give up in fighting for her life.

They got Chloe back to her family after the news of the missing dog came to her family that she was found.

It takes more time for Chloe to recover completely but thanks to these hero Smith and Nichols, this dog have again a happy life to live and love. !!

Via The Dodo

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