This Kitten Has Only Two Functioning Legs And Sure She Is Very Happy!


Pretzel showed up at the Vet Ranch clinic, but she was in a bad shape. It seemed that her back leg was crushed, Dr. Matt believes that she was either hit by a car or by something else.

Pretzel needed urgent surgery but sadly the best option was to amputate the leg. Pretzel didnt let this sad situation to let her down, she just couldn’t give up. She wanted to be herself, she just wanted to be happy.

Dr. Matt decided to alter his surgical plan and instead of getting rid of the whole back leg, he only amputated the part of her paw that a had the dead tissue. After this successful surgery, this kitty starting to be more active and she is fun all time.

Pretzel loves to play and she has all the love that she could ever want. Look at her in this video and you will adore her as much as I do.

Source: Vet Ranch

Sure she is a brave kitten. !!

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