These Kittens Are Alive Today Thanks To This Surrogate Cat Mother!


Lets meet Izabelle, this cat is a special feline, she and her “litter” of kittens came to Best Friends Animal Society NYC with an wonderful story to tell.

She was living with other two cat moms and all of them three gave birth, but only Izabelle successfully nursed all her kittens, the other two cat-moms had difficult to feed their babies.

Isabelle nursed not only her kittens, but also the rest of them, which she is named the Super Cat Mom.

She had to deal with 15 kittens, and all of them are healthy and alive thanks to the love and care from this beautiful Izabelle.

The super cat mother also takes care of herself to continue helping the large number of kittens and she is happy doing this.

Source: Shannon Kirkman, Best Friends Animal Society NYC  Via The animal rescue site

Sure Izabelle is more than a hero, she is just a real inspiration for everybody. !!

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