Kittens Are Killed Because Shelter Had Not More Space For Them!


Sadly, this is a tragic story. Kittens were found in a pile of wooden logs that were lying next to home.

The owner of the house was worried because of her children which she tried to remove them out but the kitten’s mother was wild to let that happen.

The owner decided to call the police, and without thinking twice the police officer started shooting all the kittens.

This outrageous act was committed even in front of the children that were living in the house.

The family was told that there were no space for the kittens in the shelter, which the police officer decided to kill these kittens.


Unfortunately, authorities support this officer’s act and helped him to be innocent from this tragedy.

The family don’t find any words to justify that kind of action to their children.

People in social media reacted as soon as they read this bad new.

Lets hope this kind of Incidents don’t be repeated once more, and lets try to help any animal to live their lives in the most safest environment.

Source: Police State USA

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