Kitten’s Nose Gets All Swelled Up For A Dark Reason!


It is beautiful to have a pet in home, they are just adorable and they give us all their love all time.

It seems easy to have them, but it takes a lot of job to take care of them. You have to protect your pet, specially if you see something unusual happening then it is better to take them to the vet.

This happened with this cat, this pet owner from Nebraska saw their kitten’s nose had swollen up which they took the kitten to the vet. They found that this little kitten had a cuterebra, a kind of parasite that habited into the kitten’s nose.

In this video you will see how this parasite is removed from its nose, now we know that it is important to be alarmed all time when it is the safety of our pets. !!

Source: Elizabeth Farrington

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