We know that our cats are the most sweet pets that we can ever have. They love us and they like us not matter how we are, they know that we are in love with them but we don’t know their body language.

We don’t know which are their needs and more, obviously they can’t express by talking but by language body which is hard for us to understand.

Here we show you the meaning of some of their body language like when they rub against us, and the reason is because they want to mark us with his/her scent. They do this to show also that they are pride to have an owner like us, and they can’t hide their happiness.

Source: Flickr

We also saw that some cats don’t cover their poop, simply is because they want to show a sign of anger towards its owners.

Source: Pixabay

Another case is when they are twitching ears and these are a sign of anxiety which they ask to leave them alone.

Source: Pixabay

We can’t forget also when they sleep in our chest, simply because they like our warmth and they even can feel our heartbeat which they adore to hear it.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

You know already some cat’s body language, what I can say that what I love most of my cat is when he sleeps over my chest, sure this is a sign of love. !!

Source: Pixabay   Via Shareably

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