Lets Meet This Pregnant Dalmatian Mother, And Her 18 Puppies!


Dalmatian Miley is a super mom along with the father of the puppies, Astor. The vet who had done the ultrasound explained that Miley was only carrying three puppies in her belly.

The owner Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot got surprised when Miley didn’t just bring to this world three puppies but more. The vet was also impressed that he made a mistake about the numbers and Miley ended up giving birth to 18 puppies together.

Fortunately, all these puppies are healthy and the mother is safe too.

Look at this video and you will se this adorable huge family together.

Source: Caters_News

Miley sure is a strong mom living all her puppies and taking care of them forever.

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