This Lion Finally Touches Grass, His Reaction Is Priceless !


This lion named Will will take your heart and make you smile after watching this video. He was rescued from a traveling circus, he was abused physically and psychologically which it was hard for him to adapt to the new environment.

The lion was taken to the Rancho dos Gnomos sanctuary and here found the meaning of freedom after 13 years. The staff at Gnomos knew what to do for Will, they knew he deserved more.

They built a home of his won which was full of grass and stones, when Will came in to his home for the first time he couldn’t believe what he was feeling and seeing.

Finally he was experiencing how is a life with freedom. For 5 years he lived a happy life, but sadly he passed away in 2011.

By rumblestaff on Rumble

He was 18 years old when he died, but he is always remembered in the sanctuary, and also we know that he died in freedom. !

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