This Man Came To Feed One Stray Cat One Night, Then He Ends Up With 1,000 Of Them!


Paul Santell was walking home from the train one night in New York City when he saw a star cat on the sidewalk, it was clear that this cat was hungry which Santell fed the cat with a can of food that he had.

The next night he came back and found the same cat along with some other cats which Santell decided to feed them as well.

Then the next night he again came back and he found something unexpected, he found a lot of cats that were hungry and he couldn’t believe what he just got with a simple gesture.




Paul had always a of spot for cats and he took free classes at ASPCA’s offices in Manhattan which helps control feral cat population.

Now he dedicates his life in rescuing cats and help them to find forever homes too.

Now Paul is known as “Paul the Cat Guy,” and he even set up Instagram so people can contact him whenever they see a cat in need of help.

If you are interested in helping Paul the Cat Guy then you can check out his Amazon wish list.

Via The Dodo

Lets help him to rescue more cats and also lets hope these cats find their forever homes that they are waiting for so long.

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