This Man Decides To Quit Job To Travel With His Cat Around The World!


Rich East was feeling bored and tired in his life, which he decided to do something with his life and with a good company too, his cat Willow.

He adopted her five years ago, he knew that he had to drop everything to live the life that he wanted to live.

He quit his job and started his adventure with Willow.

He went to live life on the road, he knew that this life next to Willow will be more than remarkable.

They love to spend time together, enjoying the view of the forest while drinking a fresh coffee.

They traveled to every state in Australia and spent their journey in their camper van.

Rich doesn’t regret to have this incredible life next to his cat.

He doesn’t feel that he is lonely because he has the greatest company ever.

They like to climb mountains and go to the ocean together.

They meet other friends, and other animals too, but they are always together.

Source: Instagram/vancatmeow

If you want to be part of their adventures, then go on their I Instagram account. Sure their journey is incredibly unforgettable. !!

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