Lets meet this precious cat named Votchy, she will take your heart right away.

She appeared at first in the stairwell of Zeyad K’s apartment, he knew he had to help when he saw her.

He noticed that she was blind and deaf which it was difficult for him to get her trust to him but he did it in the end.

He lived with other 5 family members and couldn’t take the kitten in.

He kept giving her food and water outside of home. When he went for a trip, he would feel that something may be wrong with the kitten.

He came back and found the kitten laying down on his doorstep and she was just skin and bones. She was more dirtier than before.

The family didnt need more prove to convince themselves that this kitten needed a home.

They accepted the kitten in their home and Zeyad was very happy to have her and help her too.

Now she became a beautiful cat and is still living with the family.

She is now more stronger and more smart too.

She is very independent too even when she has her condition, but she shows her human family that she feels safe with them and loved too. !!

Source: Love Meow

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