We should think that not only dogs and cats are the animals that we must protect but any kind of animal as horse, raccoon, or even a hedgehog, these are God’s creatures too.

A caretaker at the University of Sheffield in England had work to do in one of the student housing halls. When he arrived to the place he found something in the kitchen, he got closer and couldn’t believe what his eyes saw.

There was a hedgehog trapped and sadly this guy had its spines cut off.

They usually have nearly 5,000 spines that aid them in fighting off predators. They aren’t made to be pets no time.

The caretaker took the animal to a safe place and now the University is taking action against this horrific situation.

Sadly, after this the animal died in the garden of his new home at the sanctuary.

It is unfortunate that this animal died, but a relief that he died free and not trapped anymore. !!

Via Sosharethis

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