This Man Found Puppies In An Abandoned Box Almost Frozen!


This is a sad story, but fortunately this man change this sad one to a happy one. This man was passing an empty lot in his neighborhood, when he saw an open box that wasn’t there before.

His curiosity took him to check the box and found two little puppies frozen from a lot of coldness.

The man decided to take them and took them to KC Pet Project in hopes that they will be saved.

Doctors tried for many hours to save them, the puppies were in and shape, they were very dehydrated and their bodies were freezing.

The doctors were working to give them fluids and holding them for warmth.

After hours, they were getting better and their body temperature back to normal.

One staff member took them home in case they needed an additional are.

The next day they were fine and happy. The rescue has already put a lot of people their interest in adopting the puppies, including the man who found them.

I hope this man can have them, after all it was him who saved them from death. !!

Source: The Dodo

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