This Man Rescued This Kitten Abandoned By Her Mother, Now Look At Her!


A kind man found the kitten in a horrible condition and alone. She was abandoned by her mother and Alan knew what he had to do next. He took her home with him to give her the right care and attention that this kitten needed.

At first she refused to eat but she started to trust Alan and ate. She started to heal and turned into a healthy and strong kitten. He named her Sansa and couldn’t be more happy to have a beauty like her.

Alan thinks to know the reason of why her mother abandoned her because it is usual for cat mother to reject their kittens when they are sick.

Alan doesn’t regret to have Sansa in his life, and now they are happy together.

She even got more bigger and more fat too, all this is happening because of much food and love too. !!

Via Awwtopia

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