This Mother Shares Emotional Pic With Her Dying Son For A Reason !!


If you are reading this, then you can agree with me that this reason is fair enough to make people with opioid abuse to wake up before it is too late.

This woman whose son overdosed a prescription painkiller posted on Facebook the dangers of opioid abuse.


Sherri Kent explains that her son Michael had taken a dose of fentanyl, a medication that i said to be 100 times more stronger than morphine.

Sherri Kent wrote on the Facebook post , she explains that her son was not an addict, but he made a decision that took his life.


His mother explained that he and his sister were running errands when they met this man who offered them drugs, her sister forced him to not accept it.

The next day, Michael came back to this and and decided to take it. He took the drugs and overdosed.


Michael was rushed to the hospital, but it was late.

This mother now is sharing her story to everybody, even when she keeps the pain of losing her son in that tragic way, she keeps standing against these drugs for others to not take them.

Lets not forget Michel’s story and let’s remember that it only takes one to kill you. !!

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