Moore is the cofounder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary in Kingston, Ontario and she found something beautiful. She drove into Kingston to adopt two baby chicks from the apartment where they were being kept and also she found a tiny calico kitten who was crying for help. Moore and her husband had already six cats and not to mention the farm animals that they rescued too.

They didn’t plan to have more, but when she picked her up, she immediately latched onto her with all her four feet.

She couldn’t resist the cuteness of this kitty and took her home.

She calls her Lola and she is now a healthy and stronger kitten.

She has a lot of friends and also a family that loves her a lot.

She loves to give love and also likes a lot of food.

Via The Dodo

If you want to help Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, Lola included then you can make a donation. Lets help Lola and the rest to continue living the lives that they deserve. !!

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