Orphaned Opossum Doesn’t Want To Be Free Into The Wild!


Here we introduce you this beautiful baby opossum named Opie. He came along with other two baby opossums, the two of them lost their mother to a car accident and the third, to a dog attack.

Opossum rehabilitation and dog rescuers Sheri agreed to nurse them back to health, and take care of them until they were big to be released into the wild.

The two babies were more than happy to be released when they were big, but the third one planned something different.

Opie didn’t want to come back into the wild, Sheri was very close to Opie and it seemed that Opie didn’t want to leave her side.

Opie just got adopted by Sheri and now they are together all time, he is registered with the USDA so that he can appear in public.

He travels with Sheri to schools and other places to help educate some people about the Opossum’s world.

He even was a fundraiser for The Opossum’s Pouch Rescue and got hundreds of pounds of donated food, blankets and more supplies for the rescued animals.

Sure Opie is the cutest pet ever, and he makes sure to help everybody.

Via The Dodo

He just want people and animals to be happy as much as he is now.

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