Owner Brought This Kitty To Home, Her Cat’s Reaction Was Priceless !!


This little kitten was alone and needed a home. Moonglade Rose saw the kitty and decided to take him to the vet right away.

The kitten was name Opie by her hero. Rose took him to home but was not sure about the reaction of her other cat Andy.

When they met each other, Rose couldn’t believe how Andy reacted to this cute kitten.

It didn’t take no more than 3 seconds and they already fell in love to each other.

Andy started kissing the little Opie and welcomed him in the most sweetest way.

Andy guarded the younger kitten as a big brother and they are together all time.

Andy is very protective with Opie and they like to play together.

Source: Awwtopia

They are happy to be together thanks to Rose, now she enjoys to have two cutest cats ever. !

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