This Pit Bull Knew That She Won’t Give Up Until Become A Stronger Puppy!


Marie DeMarco calls her dog Sasha a miracle because this puppy got through so much in her short life.

Sasha’s foster mom is the founder of the nonprofit FURRR 911 and decided to go against the odds to prove that Sasha in reality is a miracle.

She was born with a cleft lip and palate. Sasha would need to be tube-fed and obviously she needed the right care.

A nurse practitioner with a lot of experience tending to neonatal. She would her warm up into some blankets making sure that she would warm all the time.

A veterinarian confirmed that Sasha has hydrocephalus. Her brain is only about a third big as it should be. Then Sasha got an upper respiratory infection. She has some orthopedic issues too.

She was determined to fight against all, she knew that she was loved and cared but also she knew that she had to fight next to them.

Now she got stronger and she has a lot of future. Sasha is determined to survive everyday and she likes human to love her.

Source: FURRR 911

If you want to follow Sasha and her latest updates, then follow her here FURRR 911 and make sure you pray for her to be more stronger everyday. !!

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